Muscled Females VR Video Game


What makes these muscle girls unique?

Realistic Eye Behavior

Real Person Feeling

Bulging Muscles

eg. Bulging Quads While Walking


There IS Life In Them

Tit Bouncing

Please Don’t Touch

Face Expressions

LypSync Talking

Body Switching

Latest Development and Gameplay Videos

Virtual Reality optimized

See these girls in real world size through VR equipment

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A muscled women and giantesses indie game project which needs your support
Ever wanted to meet muscled amazons or giantesses in real world size?

VR-AMAZONS is a virtual reality game like growing world populated with muscle women and giantesses.
VR-Amazons is optimated for virtual reality. What does this mean? If you own VR equipment like the Oculus Rift, these girls appear in 3D and real world size like they were really standing or acting right in front of you. The absolute realistic eye behavior even let you forget that these muscled girls and giantesses are artificial.

VR-AMAZONS is an independent game project and financed by your donations. So if you like to support me, please use the PATREON.COM link above to get further information. Your pledges makes this muscled girls and giantess world get happen and it will grow and grow.

Thank You
Your Bernard Kingsley

  • Muscles

    Yes, they are stronger than you

  • Size

    Look up to a giantess and feel tiny

  • Eye Realism

    They behave like a real human

  • Muscle Flexing

    See biceps, triceps, quads and more muscles work

The Amazons (so far)

Hover to see the muscle women stats and personality.
Uploaded image


The Gentle
1.85 m Always friendly. Looks for contact and likes kissing.
Uploaded image


The Warrior
2 m. You will never know what she does next. But friendly to friends, not to foes.
Uploaded image

Dark Storm

The Miller
About 1.95 m Likes running around topless. The friendly pimp guard type, but protects her whore girls upstairs rude.
Uploaded image


The Vampire
1.92 m You’ll meet her in all ages. Yes Vampires live long. (live?) Friendly, but who knows when she’s thirsty.
Uploaded image


The Giantess Woodcutter
3 Meter high. (10 feet). The Gentle Giantess. Her problem, she can’t control her strenght that good. So broken bones may be the result.
Uploaded image

Dr. Sizely

The Muscle Growth Druid
About 1.90 m. Usually a very pretty slim trained scientist. Watch out when she drinks her magic muscle growth potion.
Uploaded image


In Present Age Level
2.10 m high in her pumps. She’s the boss in the Present Age level mansion. Tall and muscled slim, but strong as hell. Warning! Don’t mess with her.
Uploaded image


The Black Smith
1.85 m , the girl with the Hammer. Her balloon bulging biceps is a hammering machine.
Uploaded image


The Squeezing Whore
Located in the present age mansion she invites you in her bed, but watchout … her tighs squeezes the hell out of you.
Uploaded image


Better Avoid Her Comanding Eye
In present age mansion located, she can rule you by her strength, but she prefers her keen look.
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The Muscle Boulder
Not that tall, about 1.90m, but 130 kg without fat. Located in medieval age.
Uploaded image


The Beauty Submissive
Want to get lifted? Or one hand choked? She loves to follow your orders in present age.
Uploaded image


The Versatile Giantess
Decide yourself how tall and muscular she shall be. Let her grow up to 100m (330 feet). First girl in giantess zone.
Uploaded image


The Beauty Guard
Better don’t try to pass her. With arms like your thighs. In SciFi Age.
Uploaded image


Upcoming. You’ll find her in special Tigersan zone.



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